Most people talk about the lean six sigma therminology. But what is lean six sigma? It is basically a concept adopted by most organizations and which focuses on collective group effort to realize an improved performance by simply eradicating waste and reducing cost. By mentioning waste, it simply means any organization process that is not necessarily useful in the production process. Its main aim is to provide a solution to a problem. Several organizations have realized the benefits of lean six sigma and fully adopted them. We take a look at those benefits.

Lean Six Sigma ensures the organization has an effective team of workers. This is highly achieved by ensuring the employee are included in company processes and policy making. It seeks to have an inclusion of all the employee's ideas and including them in the implementation process. By so doing, Lean Six Sigma ensures the team of employees are motivated and always in high spirits. It also helps in building the much-needed trust between the organization management and the staff. It also promotes building a lasting relationship between the organization and the employee and contributes to showing them their importance to the organization. When all this is achieved, the organization can reap the benefits through increased employee production.

By implementing the lean six sigma therminology in an organization, it will work towards reducing the cost of production and other costs. It detects any process in the production process that is not necessarily useful, eliminates it to save cost. The less useful process is generally referred to as "waste". This brings down the cost of production as well as detect any process affects the process.  With no doubt, when the production process costs go down, profit margin levels increase. Lean Six Sigma aims at ensuring the organization margins goes up as a result of the streamlined processes. When organization processes are streamlined, the rate at which events are completed is shortened, meaning goods and services are produced faster and delivered faster. Reduced production time saves the company cost, leading to an increase in profits.


This methodology also aims at ensuring the customer is fully satisfied. To the business, the customer is very important. The methodology will, therefore, work towards improving processes that guarantee customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction means quality products and services, affordable products and services, timely delivery among others. Once Lean Six Sigma is implemented, all this and many more are easily achieved, ensuring that the customer stays, and more customers come in. To know more about the lean six sigma, click here: